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About Our Services
For your benefit, Dr. Castro & Dr. Hipona offer an extensive scope of treatment models:

Restorative Dentistry fillings: tooth colored bonded composites, silver amalgam, gold and porcelain, to name a few
Preventive Dentistry cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants
Orthodontics INVISALIGN, tooth straightening
Endodontics root canal treatment
Pediatric Dentistry treatment on children, pulpotomy, sealants, extractions
Periodontics therapy of gum and supporting tissues
Prosthetics crowns, bridges, full & partial dentures
Cosmetic Dentistry whitening, bonding, veneering, tooth coloring
Oral Surgery impacted tooth extractions, implant placement & restoration.

When indicated, consultation or referral to the appropriate specialist will be arranged.
Family Oriented