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Q.        I have dental work that needs to be done.  Where do I go?
A.        What the discriminating person understands is that dentistry is not a product but is a service.  This means that all dental work is not created equal unlike manufactured product would be.  How your dental work is delivered is also important.
Ask yourself these questions:
*        Does insurance dictate treatment or do I decide with the dentist what is best?
*        Do I want someone who is seeing four other people at the same time?
*        What kind of dental lab is being used?  Is it local?
*        Can and will the dentist consult with the technician fabricating my case to make changes to fit my situation? (This is especially important with cosmetic dental work)
If everyone's teeth, face, and body chemistry were the same then dentistry might be a commodity.  But that is not the case. 
Service dentistry means treatment and results are centered on you.  You see the same people each time you visit who are familiar with your needs and situation.  You are the most important thing and not your insurance coverage.

Q.        How much does it cost for an office consultation & how long does it take?
A.        We offer a free consultation that could take from 5 to 15 minutes.  Not only will you meet the staff and get a feel for the office, but all your concerns and questions will be addressed.

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